Festoon Cable

Festoon Cable is an effective way of lighting walkway’s etc. We have a large array of Festoon in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 10m – 100m, with 3m and 5m light spacing. All our Festoon Cable is available in green, black and yellow and they are all fitted with a 16amp Ceeform plug and socket. We can also supply a large range of coloured and low watt lamps for which we have stock of shades to help prevent damage.

Lighting Towers

Generator-powered Lighting Towers are available for a variety of applications. All of our towers are now eco friendly as they are smaller in size and are fitted with dawn to dusk sensors and lamps that require a lower power input. 

Halogen Floodlights

Although we are using more discharge floodlights due to their low power consumption we still stock 500w and 1000w Halogen Flood Lights that can be used in indoor or outdoor events. These are all fitted with a 16amp Ceeform plug and a hook clamp and safety chain to ensure they comply with health & safety regulations. Along with these fittings we can also supply dusk to dawn photo cells, this meaning they can only be activated at night saving on power and fuel consumption. 

Discharge Floodlights

We can also provide a range of discharge fittings, which provide high output and low power consumption. We can supply the following:

  • Metal Sodium Lighting ranging from 70W – 400W 
  • Metal Halide’s from ranging from 70W – 400W

These are available in a variety of colours of which are effective for lighting buildings and trees etc. 

Emergency Lighting

This is now becoming a big part of health and safety within the event industry therefore we have invested in new LED emergency 3 hour twin spots for indoor and outdoor use. 

As well as emergency spot lighting we can supply LED 3 hour emergency exit signs in medium and large sizes.